Hollow Ground

Hollow Ground 1.2.6
old-school tactical arcade game

Price: $19.00 USD

File Size: 21 MB | download now

MacOS X, MacOS 9
Windows (coming soon)


Hollow Ground is a one or two-player tactical arcade game taking place in a post-apocalyptic future. Four mercenaries have to make an unwelcome journey to rid a war-weary world of a new threat of extinction, a terrible biomechanical weapon of mass destruction.
On the way you have to battle armies of mutated creatures while navigating through the labyrinthine tunnels of the Epsilon bunker. You will find weapons to aid your quest, and credit chips for use in the shops that appear between levels. The more than 60 maps appear in a somewhat random order to enhance re-playability. The blend of old-school arcade action and true focus on tactics is what sets this game apart from an ordinary shooter.


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  • 16-bit antialiased color graphics at 800 x 600 resolution.
  • Persistent effects, corridors will litter with body parts, the environment is destructible! Follow the trail of mayhem to see where you have been.
  • Adrenaline-pumping original soundtrack. 15 original songs and the possibility to easily add your own tracks.
  • One- or two-player cooperative game. You and a friend can choose from four different characters with their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Complex system of power-ups, cybernetic upgrades and psionic foci to optimize and enhance your characters. Each character has four different weapons with multiple power-up levels.
  • Hordes of mutated monsters with their own tactical advantage and weaknesses. Some monsters will paralyze you, others will perform suicide attacks.
  • More than 60 maps that are included in the standard package can easily be expanded with countless user-contributed custom maps through a simple drag-and-drop architechture.
  • You will need both wit and skill to actually beat the game! Maps appear randomly, but are arranged into depth layers, so that difficulty can increase both qualitatively and quantitatively as you progress further.
  • Make your own maps with HollowEd, Hollow Ground’s free and user-friendly map editor.
  • Gamepad support in both MacOS 9 and X versions. Works with most USB HID compatible game input devices.
  • Parents can disable blood and gore (1.0.1 or later). The game is not suitable for kids with blood and gore turned on.


Don’t take our word for it. Read what the experts are saying about Hollow Ground:

macworld.jpgPeter Cohen: “Hollow Ground is the gruesome, but worthwhile, first release by Swedish game developers Aescapia AB. While it has some amateurish angles, it will definitely appeal to old-school gamers who want to capture a piece of their past.”
read more

macgamer.jpg Pat Miller: “To be honest, most of the games I come across while looking for Shareware Center candidates either have an innovative game concept or a polished execution but not both. Even as a newcomer to the Mac shareware scene, AEscapia has managed to do both at a level that surpasses the high standards set by most Mac shareware.”
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macinplay.jpg Boman: “Hollow Ground hat mit Fallout und Gauntlet berühmte Vorbilder und übernimmt viele Elemente aus diesen beiden Spielen. Glücklicherweise gehört der Spielspaß ebenfalls dazu, außerdem beinhaltet “Hollow Ground” auch einige eigene, frische Ideen. Am Ende steht ein gutes, unkompliziertes Actionspiel, das Freunde des gepflegten Monsterplättens, die keine Fantasywelten mehr sehen können, unbedingt mal ausprobieren sollten.”
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retromag.jpg Wolfgang Meck: “Actiontitel für Apple Rechner gibt es immer noch viel zu wenig. Hier kommt Hollow Ground gerade richtig. Wer Spiele wie Alien Breed oder Gauntlet bereits mochte, wird sich mit der Alienjagd sofort anfreunden. Die Grafik ist gut gelungen und bietet einiges an Abwechslung. Die ganzen Extras und versteckten Bonusrunden sind eine weitere Herausforderung für jeden Actionfan. Hintergrundmusik gibt es so gut wie keine. Effekte und Geräusche wie Explosion, Aliengeschrei, krachende Wände und Türen dafür um so mehr.” Retro Magazin 04/05

System Requirements

Macintosh OS X (10.2 or higher)
350 MHz PowerPC G3, 128 MB RAM

Macintosh OS 9 (9.2.2 or higher)
350 MHz PowerPC G3, 128 MB RAM
CarbonLib 1.6, GameSprocket 1.7.5

Notice: Your video card must also have enough VRAM to run 16-bit color (thousands of colors) graphics at 800 x 600 resolution. Some older PowerPC G3 models do not have enough VRAM. Some older monitors are unable to switch resolution automatically or use gamma fades.

Product Registration and Support

Hollow Ground is distributed as shareware, that is, try before you buy. The first four levels are free, but to unlock the full game you are required to pay the small $19.00 USD registration fee. Registrations are handled by Kagi Inc. You can order here

Upgrade Discount: We have created a discount coupon for each Hollow Ground license that can be used in the Kagi Store to purchase Hollow Ground Special Edition for only $4.99 USD (not including VAT or Sales Tax). You need to contact our Customer Service to claim your coupon.

Should you have any problems with installing or running the software or have any question, you can always contact the customer support team. We kindly ask you to consult the FAQ section and documentation before you contact the team.

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